Ricardo Gutierrez

Community Events

Champagne Tasting at SIGH... then Pizza!
8-22-18 7:00 pm - Murphy's Irish Pub
North Bay Millennials

Join us for champagne (or wine or beer) at SIGH in Sonoma, then we'll get pizza at the Red Grape Pizza.

Open Mic Night at Hopmonk
8-22-18 7:00 pm - Murphy's Irish Pub
20s and 30s Women's Social Hour

A variety of music/comedy/poetry/who ever signs up at Hopmonk Tavern in Sonoma! It's free to attend, but of course you can buy food and drinks as it's a full service restaurant. We can get a table and get settled in before open mic starts at...

Workshop #3: Mike & Ted
8-22-18 7:00 pm - Murphy's Irish Pub
Sonoma Bi-Weekly Workshop For Serious Writers (with wine)

We will spend 30-45 minutes workshopping something of Mike's and then something of Ted's. This will be followed by a discussion of how everyone else's projects are progressing. Everyone attending will need to have read the two workshop pieces...

8-22-18 7:00 pm - Murphy's Irish Pub
Games & Grub: Fun Events in Napa and Fairfield (23-43)

Trivia starts at 7:30, we will be getting there about 7 to grab tables.

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Trying to find a home in Sonoma County has been a challenge. Ricardo took that challenge and gave my husband and I a very special place we can now call home. He went above and beyond what he could have done and we are grateful for all he did! We look forward... (more)

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